Cottage Cheese and Tomatoes

Last night, I went to bed absolutely exhausted, but feeling peace about the decision we made to put off delivery for at least one more day.

I woke up this morning, like usual, to the knock of an early-morning lab tech at my door. Because so much rides on these test now, there was no chance of me going back to sleep. I laid there in the dark trying to maintain the calm that I had felt last night.

When Dr. B arrived, rather than starting in on the numbers and analysis that I’m used to hearing, she just looked at me and said, “I have an odd-ball theory.”

For the past few days, my liver enzymes have been slightly lower in the morning than in the afternoon—a bit of a one step forward/two steps back scenario. The only considerable difference that coincides with this trend is my eating habits. As I described in the last post, I have been fasting for most of the day in case my lab work comes back indicating something monumental.

So, Dr. B has proposed testing out a gluten-free diet for the next couple of days to see if this may have any affect on my liver enzymes—the only factor still highlighted as worrisome. She said that some people have unusual food allergies that don’t present themselves in the typical ways, like rashes or sour stomachs. It seems like a bit of a long shot to me (and a pretty simplistic, considering the other hoops we’ve jumped through the past 11 days), but at this point, I’m open to try anything.

Although, I wish I would have asked what a gluten-free diet entailed before I committed to it. And I also wish I would have never complained about the hospital food before today.

My nurse just brought me my first gluten-free meal: cottage cheese and tomatoes with a slice of American cheese, and some orange Jell-o.


That is not a meal, people. Not for a pregnant lady who has been fasting since midnight last night. Those preformed, precooked, thin, rubbery hamburgers are looking really good about now.

All jokes aside, I know this is a tiny sacrifice in the long process it’s become to make sure both Beckett and I are healthy.

But if this diet works, everyone is going to feel really stupid, right?


3 thoughts on “Cottage Cheese and Tomatoes

  1. Hospital cottage cheese and tomatoes….yum! As if they weren’t torturing you enough. 😉 in all seriousness though, are they going to be running the labs at the same intervals (or more often, less often, etc) as before? Hope your next meal is significantly better than this one!

    • Thanks, Melissa! Because the liver enzymes are the only things that seem concerning at this point, I asked my doctor if we could only run labs once a day, rather than twice. So, now we’re back to just lab work in the morning. It was really strange going all afternoon without a stick today!

      I’m sure it’s because my brain is ready to be done with all this, but I’m starting to convince myself that this probably isn’t such a big deal and that the doctors are making this out to be more than it is. Wouldn’t that be great…wasteful, but great?

  2. Yay for only one stick per day!! Yes, that would be SO great if this turns out to be not such a big deal! It will be wonderful if they send you home on a gluten free diet to wait out the next 9 1/2 weeks until baby B arrives on his own! Hoping and praying this is the “fix” for the enzyme issues. And if it turns out to be a gluten problem….I promise there are better options than the crap they fed you this morning! 🙂

    Prayers continued as always for you and baby B! Just think — you will have a lot of ammo to use against him later on in life…”Do you realize what all I went through just to get you here??” Although like most kids, I’m sure he will just roll his eyes and say “yeah ok, whatever mom” Hahaha!

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