32 Weeks: Home

I think everyone thought that by 32 weeks we would have met Beckett and set up camp in the NICU. Praise God that’s not the case.

Last night I was released to come home on bed rest. I honestly didn’t think I would be leaving that hospital without having a baby.

While I am home, I’ll be going to the doctor’s office for monitoring and lab work about twice a week. I’m also on medication to help lower my liver enzymes, and I am monitoring my own blood pressure during the day.

Obviously, I’m glad to be home, but I feel like the diagnosis of Cholestasis of Pregnancy comes with some added worries about the effects this condition could have on Beckett. Cholestasis is linked to increased risk of Sudden Fetal Demise. While Dr. R assured me that the chances of this happening are still very low, it’s a legitimate concern. I’m trying not to dwell on it, but I think it will be in the back of my mind until delivery.

With that in mind, Dr. R said she won’t let my pregnancy go further than 37, which is technically full term. So, our modified due date is on or around December 18—just five weeks away! Hopefully, we’ll have Beckett home for Christmas.

Looks like I’ll be spending the next five weeks online shopping for Beckett’s first Christmas!


2 thoughts on “32 Weeks: Home

  1. I seriously just teared up reading this. SO thankful that you have made it to 32 weeks, that you have a diagnosis and treatment, that you are HOME, and that Beckett has the opportunity to go full term. Amazing. With my first son, I was on bed rest at home for about 3 and a half months and it was brutal. SO lonely and boring (almost 12 years ago….so no iphone, ipad, etc to entertain me – ha!) But like you, I did what i had to do in order to give my baby the best chance of a full term healthy delivery (which he was). In hindsight, I really have alot of great memories of that time. (I know right now you are probably rolling your eyes and want to slap me — ha!) But truly I had so much time to talk and sing to my son, to just feel him kick and roll around, etc. I feel like I was so much more present and aware during that pregnancy than with my second son (when I was so busy working, had an older child, etc)

    Many blessings to you and baby Beckett!! Now we need to see some baby shower pics! Oh – and does this mean that you no longer have to be gluten free? Or did they keep you on that diet?
    Have a great day today and enjoy being at home!!

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