Baby B: Our Overachiever

This weekend was all about waiting. While we saw the on-call doctor both Saturday and Sunday, there’s not much news as to my diagnosis or my condition. My lab results are still showing increasing liver enzymes, my blood pressure is still normal, and I feel fine. The on-call doctor presented several theories, some which included preeclampsia, some which didn’t; but all require I stay hospitalized until Beckett arrives, which is consistent with what both Dr. R and Dr. B have prepared us for.

Because Beckett’s arrival may be a bit before we expected him, we decided it would be beneficial to tour the NICU (neonatal intensive care unit) to know what we may be dealing with in the coming weeks. While I can’t say our visit was particularly enjoyable, I think we both learned a lot.

We were comforted by the neonatal nurse’s reaction when we said Beckett is almost 30 weeks. Thirty weeks is a huge milestone in fetal development. If he came today, he’d still need help breathing and feeding, but chances are, we’d be taking a healthy (albeit tiny) baby boy home in a matter of weeks.

We also had an ultrasound yesterday to make sure Beckett is still comfortable in there. According to the on-call doctor, not only is he comfortable, but he’s still measuring about a week big and he’s practicing breathing–both great signs!

Beckett is making quite a name for himself as a show-off during his morning and evening monitoring. Every 12 hours B is observed using a NST (non-stress test) during which the nurse straps a fetal heart monitor and a contraction monitor to my tummy to track Baby B’s movement and heart tones.

For a 30 weeker, a good NST is one in which the baby’s heartbeat increases from the baseline rate by 10 BPM (beats per minute) for at least 10 seconds at a time. They want to see these increases at least three times in 20 minutes.

During last night’s NST, Baby B’s baseline heart rate was 140 (perfect), but his BPM was higher than 170 for almost half of the time and even got up to 192! I think Beckett was excited because I had just eaten some of my mother-in-law’s potato soup and John was reading to him. (He goes nuts when John talks to him.) Point being, we have quite an overachiever on our hands. We are so grateful!

I anticipate speaking with Dr. R this morning, but because some of the potentially more conclusive test results won’t be in until later this week, I’m not sure there will be much to share.

Thank you to everyone who has come to visit or sent us reassuring notes. We are so thankful for your support and love. Please keep the prayers coming! We know God is good and that He will continue to provide for us, like He already has in so many ways!